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Julia Szcześniak

junior lawyer

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During her law studies, she tested a wide variety of branches of law, from forensic science to international law, but ultimately it was intellectual property law (and copyright in particular) that won the ranking of her professional interests.

She has participated in several IP initiative events and at the same time organised them as part of her activity in the Intellectual Property Student Association "IP" of the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw. One of her greatest achievements in this field is the co-coordination of the second edition of the international conference on the law in the video game industry - "More Than Just a Game: On the Road - Warsaw". This project is also of great importance to her due to her personal interests in the games industry and, more broadly, the entertainment industry. In addition, she is passionate about the culture of the Far East countries and is a graduate of Korean Studies in Warsaw. She also has professional experience in marketing and social media.


  • English
  • Legal 500, 2018

    “Top-notch, responsive and dependable’ team that ‘knows the law and its clients’ needs"

  • WTR 1000, 2018

    “Hasik Rheims & Partners is going from strength to strength in Poland”

  • WTR 1000, 2018

    “Hasik Rheims & Partners is going from strength to strength in Poland”

  • University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, law (2023)
  • University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Korean Studies (2020)
Professional Experience
  • Lewandowski Gradek Lewandowska (2021-2022)
  • Studio JG Publishing House - marketing department (2021-2022)
  • VISTRA Corporate Services (2021)
  • Law firm. Advocate Czeslaw Pokrzywnicki (2019)

PATENT ATTORNEY Quarterly. Problems of Intellectual Property Protection No. 1/2022 - Metaverse and NFT tokens as new areas of intellectual property exploitation, 1.12.2022, co-authored with

ArchaeGraph Scientific Publishing House – “Management – Technologies – Informatics” monography - Selected issues of Chinese Game Development Industry’s History, 20.06.2022.

Polish Patent Office Quarterly No. 1/2022 - Legal labelling of social media collaborations and other selected legal aspects of so-called influencer marketing, 1.06.2022.

  • "10th Academic Conference Between East and West, Between North and South" at the University of Warsaw. Speech topic: "Doujinshi fan-works and the issue of copyright in Japan", 27.09.2021.
  • 4th National Scientific Conference: Food - Health - Technology - Distribution entitled "Health and diseases of civilisation in the era of pandemics" at UPH in Siedlce. Speech topic: "The problem of “too free” use of <bio> and <eco> labels by producers during a pandemic", 31.03.2022.
  • National Scientific Conference "Intellectual property law in social media" at UwB. Speech topic: "Legal labelling of cooperation in social media and other selected legal issues in the field of so-called <influencer marketing>", 7.04.2022.
  • International conference 'Intellectual Property Law - Theoretical Reflections&Practical Challenges' at UAM in Poznań. Speech topic: "Musical works copyright protection in the USA and Poland regarding Taylor Swift's case", 9.04.2022.
  • I National Scientific Conference Intellectual Property Law at UWr. Speech topic: "Can the Mickey Mouse Empire ever lose? - Ways of protection of Disney’s characters’ image, 26.04.2022.
  • National Scientific Conference 'Contemporary challenges of intellectual property protection' at UTH in Rzeszów. Speech topic: "Tattoo and its legal protection as a work, industrial design and personal good (image)", 18.05.2022.
  • International conference 'Infinite Dimensions - International Innovation Summit' at UW. Speech topic: "From Imitation to Innovation - the Path to International Success of Contemporary Chinese Video Games Industry", 21.05.2022.
  • III National Scientific Conference "Current problems of intellectual property law" at UMK in Toruń. Speech topic: "IP and fashion law: how to defend against IP infringement made by fast fashion brands?", 3.06.2022.
After work

If not foreign travel, then reading books and comics, watching TV series, or playing computer games – all fantasy genre.

Intellectual property
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