• Counterfeit goods

Our years of experience cooperating with law enforcement authorities enables us to effectively and quickly have counterfeit goods removed from the market.

Over the years, our team has developed effective methods of fighting counterfeit goods, including counterfeit medicines, luxury goods, automotive parts, clothing, footwear, haberdashery, cosmetics, perfumes, electronic devices and accessories, computer software and toys. We have earned the trust of leading global brands, for whom combating non-original goods is often a priority. That trust is based on effectiveness: increasingly large batches of products are being withdrawn from the market, and the rulings handed down in cases in which we represent our clients award higher and higher amounts of compensation.

We protect owners’ rights at every stage of proceedings: we help implement customs protection for brands (submitting relevant applications), work along with customs and tax administration and the police and prosecutor’s offices, and actively participate in criminal proceedings in the role of auxiliary prosecutor. Criminal proceedings often end with a settlement with the infringing party, for our priority is to shorten the length of the proceedings - from initiation to conclusion - to the minimum so as to be able to move on to other tasks.

We continually monitor the market for our clients, and especially the internet, in order to detect and respond to any counterfeit goods that appear. We cooperate with detective agencies and with popular auction houses.

We regularly conduct trainings for the customs services and the police, and take an active part in courses organised by the Police Training Centre in Legionowo, the Police School in Piła, the Police Academy in Szczytno, and others.

Our method of settlement is client-friendly and tailored to clients’ needs so that investing in the legal protection we offer is an expense that is quickly recovered and brings the desired effects.

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