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  • Patent disputes

We have unique experience in patent disputes. We make creative use of the instruments of procedural legal protection during trial preparation, when negotiating out-of-court settlements, and in the courtroom. As a result of many years of cooperation with patent attorneys, we have created a team that specialises in conducting patent disputes.

We help secure evidence of infringements, cooperate with detectives, and represent our clients during both security proceedings and main proceedings. We initiate proceedings to establish the existence of patent infringements and to obtain the cessation of infringements. We develop defence packs to reduce the risk associated with an anticipated attack.

We have taken part in numerous proceedings before the common courts and the Polish Patent Office, as well as in mediation proceedings. We organise legal assistance in patent disputes for Polish businesses in Europe and beyond. Through a network of cooperating and proven law offices, we are able to provide our clients with legal services in patent disputes around the world.


we represented a Polish manufacturer of cables, cable fixtures and heat shrinkable fixtures in a series of disputes over a patent infringement, including in security proceedings before security was granted (defence pack strategies),

we represented a producer of large-area drainage systems in a patent dispute against a German producer of similar land drainage systems,

we represented a global producer of computer equipment in patent disputes concerning a series of key products, and coordinated customs activities,

we advised and represented a Polish consumer electronics manufacturer in patent disputes and in settlement negotiations concerning infringements of rights to inventions for devices that enable recordings on digital media to be encoded,

we advised and represented a global producer of medicines in patent disputes concerning competitive products that contained the same active substance, including in security proceedings before security was granted (defence pack strategies).

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al. J. Ch. Szucha 16/18
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tel: (+48) 22 299 60 70
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