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Advertising demands creativity and an unconventional approach to communication. Whereas preparing a successful event requires attention to every detail while adhering to a strict time schedule. We feel very much at home in such environments. We always find the best solutions for our clients.

Advertising and event agencies, and their clients as well, use different kinds of works, performing artists and their recordings, often balancing on the edge of compliance with the law.

Our many years of practice concerning copyright, music law, personality rights and rights to one’s image, combined with our academic work in these fields, enables us to comprehensively take care of all the legal aspects of advertising activities and the organisation of cultural and other events.

We help draw up and negotiate agreements and provide practical legal advice, we also know how collective management organisations work and have unique experience in cooperating with them. We evaluate marketing materials to see whether they infringe third-party rights or the rules of competition and consumer protection.

In doubtful situations, we draw up legal opinions estimating the risk associated with a certain advertisement or products, particularly as regards the use of the image or creative works of a third party. Our goal is not only to make a legal risk assessment of a given project, but also to recommend changes that will eliminate that risk. We understand that our clients act under time pressure and high expectations, and that our assistance must be provided promptly, and communicated clearly.

In the case of dishonest advertising by competitors, we represent our clients in court and mediation proceedings, and conduct domain disputes.

We conduct specialised trainings on such subjects as the limits of inspiration in copyright, and the use of the personality rights and creative works of other people.


we drew up a legal opinion concerning the limits of inspiration in advertising in connection with the use of a well-known characters from films and TV series,

we advised on the creation of template agreements for a talent agency in connection with a cabaret stage,

on behalf of a popular artist, we negotiated a series of agreements concerning his participation in advertising campaigns run by leading global brands (influencer marketing),

we negotiated an agreement for a well-known television presenter concerning her participation in an advertising campaign for a large store chain,

we made a legal verification of designs for marketing materials for a large entity from the retail food industry.

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