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We know the law, and we also know about music bringing our knowledge and experience in both fields to bear in our practice. This puts us ahead when advising clients from the music industry or entities that use music.

Music law covers all aspects of the music industry, including the creation and exploitation of music.

We help draw up and negotiate agreements, including:  agreements with performing artists, managers, music producers, and among members of music groups; agreements on commissioned works and concerts; licensing, publishing and sheet music rental (borrowing) agreements; and copyright transfer agreements.

We provide practical legal advice on all matters relating to music law.

We help music groups set up rules governing how they function, including by registering their name as a trade mark.

We know the ins and outs of working along with collective management organisations such as:  the Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAIKS), the Association of Performing Artists of Musical Works and Songs (SAWP), the STOART Association of Performing Artists, the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (ZPAV).

We issue legal opinions pertaining to music law. Dr Aleksandra Sewerynik is the only expert in Poland who prepares comprehensive music-law expert opinions comparing different works in the context of claims of plagiarism.

We represent our clients before the courts and other authorities, and conduct mediation and settlement talks.

We conduct specialised training.

In particular, our clients include: authors, performing artists, music groups, producers, publishers, broadcasters, music banks, agencies, organisers of events, concerts and other cultural events, entities that use music, cultural institutions, film producers and internet service owners and users.


on behalf of a popular artist, we negotiated a series of agreements concerning his participation in advertising campaigns run by leading global brands,

we represented a well-known artist in a dispute with a music producer,

we represented a Polish pop music star in negotiating contracts with a major record label,

we advised the author of a YouTube lifestyle channel on an album release,

we have provided legal advice to many musicians on whatever doubts they may have concerning their artistic work, e.g. the use of sampling, performing covers, contacts with recording studios, relationships between co-authors, relationships with managers, monetisation on YouTube, blocking videos on YouTube, and the management of their artistic works by collective management organisations,

our expert has drawn up a number of legal opinions on musical plagiarism, both for authors themselves and for music productions companies and advertising agencies,

we provided comprehensive advice for the producer of Poland’s largest audiobook production,

we advised on the registration of the name of a symphony orchestra as a trade mark,

we represented members of a cult band in a dispute over the name of the group,

we provide comprehensive, ongoing legal services for a leading Polish artist.

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