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We advise on protection of creative works and legal use of other people’s works. Our combination of long experience and academic work mean that we can analyse every case insightfully and propose the optimal legal solution. 

Copyright protects people’s creative works. It also secures the organisational and financial effort that goes into creating advertisements, films, TV and radio programmes, press publications, computer software and games.  

In our copyright practice, we help draw up and negotiate agreements, including agreements on the creation of a work, agreements with performing artists, publishing agreements, license agreements, production agreements and agreements transferring economic copyright.

We provide practical legal advice on all copyright-related matters. We audit agreements already concluded and assess the effectiveness of the acquisition of copyright and related rights.

We know how collective management organisations work and have unique experience in cooperating with them.

We draw up legal opinions on copyright, and evaluate advertising projects, film scripts and marketing materials.

We represent our clients in disputes before the courts, and conduct settlement negotiations.

We run specialised trainings on various copyright issues, including the rules for using someone else’s work in advertising and the legal aspects of implementing computer programs.

We advise authors, performing artists, designers, producers, publishers, television and radio broadcasters, advertising agencies, artists, event organisers, cultural institutions, film producers and internet service owners and users.


we represented a computer games publisher in a dispute with the author of the book on whose basis the plot of the game was based,

we represented producers and designers of lamps, chairs and other elements of industrial design in litigation over the protection of their copyright (design protection),

we provided comprehensive advice for the producer of Poland’s largest audiobook production,

we represented the heirs of a well-known Polish writer in disputes over unlawful film adaptations of his stories,

we represented a Polish pop music star in negotiating contracts with record companies,

we created a safe legal environment for implementing a computer program in one of the largest HR firms in Poland,

we conducted numerous court disputes concerning virtually every type of creative activity, including issues of plagiarism and establishing authorship,

we drew up license and copyright transfer agreements concerning complicated television enterprises, multimedia works, films and computer programs.

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