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In an age of an universal ‘hate’ and blurring of the border between permissible criticism and offensive commentary, protection of good name is becoming increasingly important. A business’s reputation can also be harmed by dishonest acts of their competitors. With our extensive experience, we know that, by taking the right course of action, we can prevent infringements of our clients’ personality rights, and react quickly in crisis situations to minimise the effects of such infringements.

In the 21st century, privacy, good name and reputation can be threatened in many ways. In this age of social media no information goes unnoticed, and any mistake may cause a crack on or a total loss of reputation or clients, while the media may intrude upon our privacy or that of those closest to us.

Within our practice, we advise our clients on all aspects of protection of their personality rights. We help prepare press releases and negotiate agreements on the use of the popularity of public figures, creating safe frameworks for business cooperation.

When an infringement of personality rights has occurred, our years of experience, including cooperating with PR, marketing and media monitoring specialists, allows us to develop effective operational strategies that enable our clients to regain control over the course of events and create their own scenario for taking further, well-considered steps.

At a further stage of a case, we represent our clients before the courts, and conduct mediation and settlement talks. We formulate demands for the publication of retractions, and take disputes over personal rights to court, including where these are preceded by appropriate applications for security. We help public figures and businesses during image crises, at every stage: we evaluate press materials, work along with PR specialists in creating press releases, and represent our clients in the media and in the courtroom. We represent our clients in criminal proceedings against internet haters and in cases of identity theft on the web.


we helped gain control over image crises experienced by the author of numerous publications and television programmes on psychology, as well as famous TV presenters and journalists,

on behalf of a leading Polish actor, we negotiated an agreement concerning his participation in an advertising campaign for a renowned global brand - the contract was hailed by the media as one of the most valuable ever,

we represented a financial institution in a series of court proceedings concerning infringements of its good name in the media,

we represented a series of public figure in cases against tabloid newspapers and internet gossip portals,

we supported PR specialists on the legal aspects of a crisis press release for financial market entities,

we led to the removal of untrue and defamatory comments published on an internet forum about a business.

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