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  • Unfair competition

Harsh rivalry over customers can often lead businesses to engage in unlawful activities leading to unfair competition on the market. We help our clients effectively fight with such practices.

We advise clients and represent them within the scope of misleading markings, goods or services, infringements of goodwill (including parasitic use of someone else’s reputation), infringements of trade secrets or know-how, unlawful imitation of products or their packaging (parasitic imitation, look-alikes), hindering market access, and unlawful shelf fees.

We handle court disputes pertaining to unfair competition and advise on the optimal litigation strategy.


we represented the organisers of a large sporting events in numerous cases related to ambush marketing campaigns in connection with EURO 2012, EURO 2016 and others,

we advised and represented a global cosmetics producer in a dispute over the unfair imitation of packaging and imitation of an advertisement for shampoos and conditioners,

we represented a large FMCG industry manufacturer in disputes over dishonest and misleading advertising, unfair imitation of products, and the use of misleading packaging,

we represented the producer of one of the world’s most popular toys in numerous disputes against the slavish imitation of its toys and reaping of unfair benefits from renown character of its products,

we advised and represented a toy producer in a dispute over allowable imitation.

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