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Good design takes account of comfort, user expectations, aesthetics and originality. We know how important it is to provide fast and effective protection to designers, particularly against the copying of their key products.

In the fashion industry, as in the world of design, the application of the right provisions of the law makes it possible to effectively protect the external form of a product. We provide protection against our clients’ designs being copied, and against ‘inspiration’ that goes too far.  We have conducted many court proceedings in this scope, securing claims with immediate effect and obtaining information on the scale of infringements through information claims.

We provide full legal services to entities involved in production or distribution in the furniture and clothing industries, and to designers, creative agencies, advertising agencies, graphic designers and photographers. We also help start-ups from those industries.  

As part of our practice, we register designs and 3 dimensional trademarks, and effectively help protect producers against counterfeits. We work together with detectives, customs officers and the police. We help draw up and negotiate agreements. We represent our clients in disputes before the courts and public authorities, and conduct mediation and settlement negotiations.


we represented a Scandinavian lighting manufacturer and a lamp designer in a series of court proceedings against sellers of non-original lamps - in all of these cases, the court ruled in favour of our motion to have our claims secured (further sales were prohibited during the course of the trial) and of our claim for information,

we represented a Polish chair producer and a Spanish designer in court proceedings and settlement negotiations concerning an infringement of rights to a work - the design for a chair - through the production and sale of similar chairs,

we represented a Finnish designer of clothes and household items against the use of one of her most popular designs in an advertisement,

we represented designers and producers of luxury goods in a series of criminal and civil proceedings in connection with the import of pirate and counterfeit products to Poland.

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