• Media and image crises

When there is an image crisis, it’s vital to act quickly and effectively. We cooperate with PR, marketing and media monitoring specialists, preparing strategies that take account of the need to protect our client’s image and to take effective steps that allow them to feel safe in a difficult situation.

In this age of social media and the internet, the importance of a positive image cannot be overstated. Building such an image requires long-term, cohesive and consistent action. A media or image crisis can destroy that effort within a few hours, while rebuilding an image may require serious outlays of money, or may simply be impossible to achieve. In such situations, it is crucial to act decisively and quickly.

Our years of experience, including cooperating with PR, marketing and media monitoring specialists, allows us to develop effective operational strategies that take advantage of all the legal instruments available. We enable our clients to regain control over the course of events and create their own scenario for taking further, well-considered steps.

We represent our clients before the courts. We conduct mediation and settlement talks. We handle cases regarding the protection of personal goods and defamation (Art. 212 of the Criminal Code), including demands for retractions in the press and notifications to social media administrators concerning unlawful content. We help create legally secure media releases and statements. We help management boards take strategic action to protect their business’ image and in contacts with representatives of the media.

We conduct specialised trainings on legal methods of image protection, addressed in particular to spokespersons and fully tailored to clients’ needs. We prepare opinions and analyses of infringements of our clients’ personal rights and make recommendations for further action.


we helped a leading TV journalist, the author of numerous publications and a leading television presenter gain control over a media crisis,

we represented a financial sector company in a series of cases against publishers of Polish national press titles concerning the protection of its good name against false accusations of having acted dishonestly,

we supported an institution from the banking sector in talks with the press during a period of increased media interest in its activities,

we obtained a cessation of press attacks against an entity conducting medical activities that was unjustly accused of having acted to the detriment of patients,

we obtained the closure of a website that had been spreading false information on the private lives of well-known entrepreneurs from the aesthetic services industry,

we conducted a series of disputes for a leading media company in connection with internet attacks against its activities and in a dispute with a leading press title over a violation of the principles of investigative journalism,

we led to the removal from a legal forum of posts defaming an employer - an entity from the auto industry,

we are engaged in social campaigns against hate on the internet.

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